In the context to nepal, constituent assembly is an assembly of people’s representatives elected by people through direct (first past the post – fptp) election and proportional election; and members nominated by the decision of the cabinet. As per provision of the interim constitution of nepal, 2007, there are 601 members in the constituent assembly.  Among them, there are 240 memberselected through the direct election (fptp) system and 335 member elected through the proportional election system which were held on 10 april 2008; and 26 nominated members in the constituent assembly. The main objective of the formation of the constituent assembly is to prepare the draft constitution and ratify it by addressing the people’s spirits for maintaining the long-term peace in the country. The major functions of the consttuent assembly are as follows:

  • To prepare a draft of constitution and ratify it after discussion.
  • To conform the issues to be decided through referendum.
  • To take decision on republic through the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.                    (Now, Nepal has been declared as republic country).
  •  To decide state’s restructures in accordance with the federal form.
  •  To work as legislative-parliament.

To make the constitution making process systematic and regular, the Constituent Assembly Rules 2008 has contained the provision to form various committees under the Constituent Assembly. As per provision of the Rules, one Constitutional Committee, ten Thematic Committees and three Procedural Committees have been formed under the Constituent Assembly. The Rules has assigned to the thematic committees to prepare the thematic report under the given jurisdiction and has also assigned to the constitutional committee for drafting the new constitution on the basis of reports submitted by thematic committees. Now, the Constituent Assembly has been working on the basis of the given authority. (Source:- Constituent Assembly Nepal website)

This blog is to disseminate the information regarding the updates and issues on Constituent Assembly Nepal. The information here is collected from different Governmental   Sites and Daily News.



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